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Home Assistant Mobile App Integration allows HA Client to handle push notifications and report your device location and battery state.

After successful login HA Client will automatically register itself on your Home Assistant to make notifications and location tracking possible and then will ask you to restart your server.


You can find Integration settings in App settings from main HA Client menu.




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Device name

On first app start you can choose device name for your integration. All entity names created by this integration will depend on that name.

If you want to change device name for already created integration, you need to remove Mobile App: [your device name] from Home Assistant Configuration - Integrations, then restart your server and launch HA Client once again. The app will ask you to create new integration allowing to change default device name.


HA Client supports sending notifications with custom actions from Home Assistant to the app. Actions could trigger events of call services.

After mobile app will be registered and your Home Assistant will be restarted you’ll get a new notify like notify.mobile_app_egor_s_pixel_3_xl (depends on device name). It can be used to send notifications to HA Client on a specific device. Just call this service with data:

title: "Oi!"
message: "Something is moving on your backyard!"
  tag: camera_movement
  autoDismiss: false
    - action: call-service
      title: "Service action"
      service: light.turn_on
        entity_id: light.living_room
    - action: my_action
      title: "Event action"

options for notify service data

Option Value Description
title String Notification title. Default is HA Client
message String Notification body. This field is required by Home Assistant. You need to add it event if you want to dismiss any notification.
data Object Notification settings

options for data

Option Value Description
tag String Notification tag. Not mandatory. Use it to replace existing notification with the same tag
image String Image url to be shown in notification
dismiss true or false Use it to dismiss excisting notification with specific tag. Default is false. Note that message field is always required so you need to use it even in case of dismissing any notification. Just use any random value for message
autoDismiss true or false If false notification will not be dismissed after click/tap on its body or action. Default is true
channelId String Custom notification channel to create and use. Default is ha_notify
actions List Up to 3 actions to add to the notification

options for actions item

Option Value Description
action call-service or String Will try to call service or fire an event to your Home Assistant. Event type will be ha_client_event and action value will be passed in data of event
title String Button title for action
service String Home Assistant service to be called if action is call-service
service_data Object Any set of data to be passed to service. For example: entity_id

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Location tracking

HA Client supports updating device_tracker entity with real device GPS location.

Location tracking is implemented with Andorid Workmanager. It means that background location tracking is battery friendly and work as intended from OS perspective.

After mobile app will be registered and your Home Assistant will be restarted you’ll get a new device_tracker entity like device_tracker.mobile_app_egor_s_pixel_3_xl (depends on device name). To start sending location to this entity you need to enable Location tracking in HA Client through Integration settings in App settings




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If notifications or location tracking doesn’t work, first thing you need to check is entities name you are using. You can check that in Configuration - Integrations - Mobile App: [your device name] in your Home Assistant.

Also it could be useful to remove Mobile App integration from Home Assistant and restrat server to allow HA Client to create integration once again.

Notification issues

There is a restriction on daily notifications count for each device: 50.

Location tracking issues

Battery optimization

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